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Mike & Rachael

Arielle | FL

Arielle | FL

Ashley + Reiss

I had an amazing time shooting with Alec. He is exceptionally talented with an eye for the best shots. Aside from his photography skills, his personality makes the shoot because he is funny, kind, and ensures you to feel comfortable and confident!

Maya Striuli

Alec was one of the first photographers I worked with and I am so happy for that. We had a lot of fun and shot amazing content. He doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable with comments, but if he has a vision he is not scared to express that! Can’t wait to shoot again.

Sydney Spiess

Alec is personable and professional. I truly had a pleasant experience working with him. I am looking forward to working with him again.

Lauren Costello

Working with Alec has opened all kinds of doors for me. He is one of the most genuine, kind-hearted, passionate, and hardworking people I know.

Arielle Scott

Alec is a professional that knows exactly how he wants to construct a frame. Not only is he super amicable and friendly but also great at giving directions and making you feel comfortable as a first-time model. Honestly his work is amazing, and his editing skills are on point.

Louise Chanfrau

Alec is someone I can not only consider a photographer but also a friend. He is very easy-going and fun, making my life as a model much less stressful. All of his hard work shows in his photos and I can honestly say I am so honored to be able to work with him.

Ashley Madeiros

Great at capturing delicacy in each photo. The elements featured in his photos really show passion, time, and happiness. Each of his pieces have beautiful art in different ways, which highlight joy and life.

Rachael Peterson